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Wear METAR - First Aviation Weather app for Android Wear

Here is the first aviation weather app for Android Wear, “Wear METAR” an app that displays a notification of the latest weather for a particular airport via voice request, a cool app that is very useful especially for travelers.

 Using voice command just say the name of the airport and it will display the weather for the closest airport within 25 miles.

The result will come back as an actionable notification with current color-coded flight rules. So far the app only display the weather for the U.S airports only, hopefully the developer will upgrade this app that will show other airports as well internationally.

Name: Wear METAR
Developer: Eugene Rakhmatulin
Category: Weather
Website: None


Wear METAR the first aviation weather app for Android Wear, use your voice to request weather for a particular airport, city or nearest airport , and it will display weather for the closest airport within 25 miles. . If several airports are found, you can scroll the cards vertically.

iseewhatyousay for Wear – Speech to Text for your Android Wear

Here is a very useful app for those who have a hearing impairment, the app known as iseewhatyousay has also made its way to Android Wear, available before to Pebble, the app is a speech to text engine that will translate any speech to text, a very beneficial app for person with disability specifically hearing loss.

It’s a simple app, it has only one goal that is a speech-to-text reader that displays the text of a conversation to person with hearing loss. If you don’t know about sign language, and if you have a friend or a member of your family with problems on hearing, this app is a huge help for you, the developer really focuses on its goal that is creating technology that is not only wearable, but usable. see details below:

Name: iseewhatyousay for Wear
Developer: Digital Army Devices, Inc.
Category: Health & Fitness


A speech to text app for your Android Wear, the app will convert the speech to text and shows it to your Android Wear device, all you need to do is flip the watch toward the speaker. The watch will turn the speech into text and vibrate. Flip the watch back over to see what they said. Repeat for a fluid conversation.



New Game official port of RE-VOLT 2: MULTIPLAYER comes to Android bring numerous stages and modes with real-time competitions and global Grand Prix. Developed by WeGo Interactive, Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer brings the original PC and Dreamcast kart racer back to life with retina visuals, control methods tailored for touch devices and all the great gameplay that made the title such a fan favorite when it was originally released.

As you’ve probably seen in other multiplayer racing games out there, you can play RE-VOLT 2  with other players. You can play grand Prix Mode, which you have to compete with your friends and other players around the world. There is you can see the unique cars built by your friends and other players for even more realistic racing.

The multiplayer version of the RE-VOLT 2 game includes an exclusive challenge mode. You can play the game with a wide selection of fun single race games with clear various stages of the mission to win the cup. If you feel is racing difficult for you can choose the items to help your race. You can use the consumable items to make it easier and use power up to upgrade the weapons on your car.

There are various models of real-looking RC cars like formula cars, monster cars, sports cars, and trucks, if you are an RC maniacs this game is for you. You will enjoy the realistic touch of controlling an actual RC car.

- Requires: Android 2.3+
- File Name: 48MB (RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER 1.0.5.apk)


NyNy Farm - Featured Android Game

NyNy Farm - Featured Android App 

Smartphone farming done the right way! A full featured android smartphone farming game, taking the player from planning his farm's area, to buying seeds, growing the crops, processing products and then completing the circle by selling the products on several different shops in town. 

 Features include nice, quirky graphics, free unlimited play and full online sharing with gamers around the world. There is a nice achievements ladder, racing against friends and online gamers and the ability to play according to the gamer's free time! 


Link to Google Play

Path 4.0.2 APK

Path APK

Path 4.0.2 update adds support for Android Wear and fixes everything which want quite there with this app. Always wanted to share a lot of things on your social media but you're worry of the weirdos out there? Now with Path you get to share anything with just your friends. Just when you need private social media, this is the right apps. 

Path is social network which its combined Instagram, facebook, and twitter together. With Path you can share everything with your friends, you can post music, thoughts, check-ins, and high-quality photos and video to your Path timeline. They'll know when you're sleeping, they'll know when you're awake, they'll know if you've been good or bad.

Features with timeline search you can instantly revisit a lifetime of moments by searching for friend's names, place names, birthdays, cities, holidays, seasons, and weather. A really amazing social app that not only lets you weed out your "friends" in the world of Facebook and Twitter - down to the friends who really matter the most, but also filters a comment into expressive emoticons and symbols. You can use Path emotions to better express your feelings towards a friend's post on Path—frown, laugh, smile, gasp, or love.

Download Path APK
- Requires: Android 2.3+
- File Name: 17MB (Path 4.0.2.apk)

Path APK

GO Locker 3.07 APK

GO Locker APK

GO Launcher for android jumps to version 3.07 with fixing the freezing issue, improve performance and stability update. Published by Go Team, GO Launcher is excellent lock with many different backgrounds to choose from. If you are looking for cool wallpapers and locks for your phones, this app is for you.

Features with  a vast number of themes with plenty of unlocking styles, iPhone style, android style and other styles beyond your imagination, this app by far has been a great theme for your android phone or tablet. It's cool having all the options Go team threw with the app. When you want to switch your style not having to download a bunch of other lockers anymore.

Previous versions of GO Locker

GO Launcher is so much better than the regular lock screens for cellphones, it has a clean UI and it is very easy to use with quick access to frequently used apps at right time. It has a great selection of functional lock screens that look really cool. It even allows you to double lock your phone, because of your original home settings you can still work with. Just amazing, once you download it and your world of mobile will be difrent standard. Just you will fall in love with.

Download GO Locker APK
- Requires: Android 2.0+
- File Name: 6.5MB (GO Locker 3.07.apk)

GO Locker APK

Path – Just Got Updated with Android Wear Support

Path an app for quality and private social network for Android ,  with the app you can send images and videos, you can also share it with your friends, the app is a great messenger where you can communicate with your friends privately, you can also used emoticons and stickers in your messages to make it more striking.

Path is an all in one social media manager, with clean and easy to use UI, plus what you post on Path can also be share to other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s a great app with millions of user worldwide.

One of its great feature is the timeline where it creates a history of your past actions from adding friends, to events and other options such as adding videos and photos, you can also search the timeline just by using a friend’s name to navigate your history with that person, it’s cool.

And now Path Inc. just updated the Path App, now the app has an Android Wear support, you can now have an access and receive notifications right on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Name: Path
Developer: Path Inc.
Category: Socials


Path is a quality, private social network available for Android and other smartphones. With Features such as privacy control, able to post music, photos, videos with your friends, timeline search, and option to share it to your friends on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.



REMINISCE LOCK SCREEN PHOTOS - Android App Review. There is a big secret out there, a terrible secret everyone knows but no one dares to admit. We have TOO MANY PICTURES! Everyone has a smartphone these days, and takes pics of his or her spouse, the kids, the grand-kids, ducks in a pond, interesting cloud formations, beautiful architecture and cats (of course!). So what's the end result? We have so many pics we don't know what to do with!

Yeah sure, once in a while we go through several of our pics. Once in a great while we even change the homepage background pics. But the VAST MAJORITY of our pics just stay there, unused, unopened, unlooked at. In other words, we don't get to enjoy those pics we invested so much time taking. This is a universal truth, sad as it is.  

So, here came Reve Technlogies with a novel idea. With their Reminisce App, they would display photos directly on our lock screen. Simple, isn't it? But does it work and did our reviewers like it?

Our reviewers were more than happy to try out Reminisce and their reports came in fairly quickly.

Sometimes apps have ridiculously long or complicated setup and installing procedures but Reminisce's was easy and simple. Just downloading it, setting up the gallery, Instagram and Facebook as picture sources and that's it. We're ready to go.

The real interesting thing came next over a period of several days or weeks. We started getting reports from more and more of our reviewers that not only they loved the app, but it also reminded them of events long past and things that happened long ago as Reminisce displayed old photos taken years ago. Most of our reviewers were really happy with that, seeing their old photos and remembering things from the past. Which is really what Reminisce is all about.

Now, our reviewers did have several suggestions to make, tips to make working with Reminisce better. First and foremost is a suggestion to make a quick pass through your picture sources and clean out those you don't really want to appear on your lockscreen, if its a funny selfie with a strange face or a really saucy thong bikini from your days tanning topless at the beach. 

The second tip is to be ready for some trips down memory lane, because all of our reviewers assured us this WILL happen when pictures from years ago would start appearing. This was the most fun and exciting thing about Reminisce. 

Our conclusion is that Reminisce is a GREAT idea that should have been implemented years ago and it is the single thing that really lets you use and preview your old photos and history in a fun and simple way.

We have inside information that Picasa will be added as a photo source in an update that will go online in a week or so, making this app even better.

  • Score: 4.7. It would get a perfect 5.0 in the near future when passwords, face recognition and biometric functions are added in the future updates.
  • Description: A lock screen app that displays pictures from three selectable picture sources, facebook, instagram and your smartphone's own picture gallery.
  • Good Points: Great idea. Very simple interface. Very stable with almost no hitches..
  • Bad Points: We would have liked to have more picture sources such as cloud picture gallery and the ability to select specific folders to be displayed although Picasa will be added in the near future as a photo source.
  • Experience: Our reviewers had no problem installing and running Reminisce, and they started enjoying the app immediately.
  • Longevity: Long. Almost no one wanted to uninstall it after understanding what this app did.
  • Google Play Link  
  • Google Play Score: 5.0

Reddit for Wear – Get the Latest Post from SubReddits

Are you a Reddit guy? Do you always check for the latest trending topics, discussions? Well if you are active in this social media, here is an app for you, “Reddit Wear”  an app that retrieves that latest post from your subreddits.

It’s a great app if you want to get the latest trending updates on Reddit. So far the app only allows you to view the latest post and you cannot reply or post new topics. Hopefully the developer will add this very important functionality making it more powerful and a truly Reddit app for Android Wear.
Check out the information below about the app

Name: Reddit for Wear
Developer: Emma Guy
Category: Entertainment
Website: None


Periodically retrieves the latest posts from your favourites text-based subreddits. Features includes the option to set how often you get updates, choose subreddits to use and more. Note: The appp only allows you to view and read subreddits.

GIF Watch Face - Android Wear Put Animated GIF’s on your Watch Face

 Here is a very unique watch face for your Android Wear, if you want a moving images well the GIF Watch Face is for you,  the watch face preview a random GIF for your watch face when you check on the time making it fun and not boring at all.

It’s a unique watch face for your Android Wear, the GIF’s are cools some are funny some are ok, but one thing is for sure it gives you a good laughs making your day injected with a bit of fun, the GIF watch face looks cool, over a hundred GIF’s for your watch face (make it sure you have full Wi-Fi bandwidth), but still it’s a great app…we love it.'

 With the positive review from the users and a user request to have a feature that you can select your own GIF, well the developer says that they will release an update with that option. Download it now as the GIF watch Face is only FREE for a LIMITED TIME

Name: GIF Watch Face - Android Wear
Developer: Little Labs
Category: Personalization
Website: None


GIF watch Face put the animated GIF on your watch, Watch a quick animated GIF every time you check the time! It features a random animated GIF for a quick laugh when you check the time, new popular GIFs pushed to your watch every hour.

Cut the Rope 2 1.1.5 APK

Cut the Rope 2 APK

Cut the Rope 2 for Android just got an update to v1.1.5 with few new features, various bug fixes and improvements. Everything has been improved from animation to level design. Published by ZeptoLab, Cut the Rope 2 is a simple and amazing puzzle game. The gameplay brings fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to the candy crunching, physics-based phenomenon that has delighted millions of players around the world! If you like Cut the Rope, you’ll love Cut the Rope 2!

This is one of the best mobile games out there. The game is absolute a perfect to test your mind with the puzzles. With new characters, fresh gameplay elements, and, of course, Om Nom, candy collecting has never been so fun! Complete tricky missions to earn medals, advance in the game and access special levels. Play with your friends to see who can get the highest score, or tackle the puzzles on your own!

Cut the Rope game series:
- Cut the Rope: Time Travel APK
- Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift APK

Om Nom is the greatest frog he's just like Pac-Man but eating candy. You can watch Om Nom stories, and more characters are added. Definitely worth a try if you haven't downloaded it yet. Overall, Cut the Rope 2 is very good and original puzzle game with good cartoon graphics.

Download Cut the Rope 2 APK
- Requires: Android 2.3+
- File Name: 38MB (Cut the Rope 2 1.1.5.apk)

Cut the Rope 2 APK

Advanced System Care 7.3 Key And Crack Free

 Advanced System Care 7.3 Key And Crack Free
Download Latest Advanced System Care 7.3 Serial/ Product Key And Crack for Free. Get asc 7.3 with valid keys. ASC new version is the best system cleaner software for windows pc. It create a very strong security circle along with the antivirus software you using. BitDefender antivirus technology and asc 2014 together be the best security software for you. It also works awesome with other top rated software's.

What is ASC 7.3 ? 

It easy be substitute of is software's  
  • System junk file cleaner,  
  • Malware Protector ,
  • System Tuneup for best performance,
  • Windows Registry Cleaner,
  • PC booster ,
  • Privacy Sweep,
  • Shortcut Fixer,
  • Cloned Files Scanner and 
  • Disk Explorer.

Product key / Serial Key of advance system care 2014

1YR:    91FC2-EC958-36F37-9BFB4
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6 Mo:   8F18B-75F1D-FDE35-A33B4

How to use keys ? 

Install software from link below and use any serial key above. Some time asc will refresh there server then you may notice your 1 year or 6 month licence is invalid. Don't panic !! Just refresh and input the serial key again. 

Please Unplug or disconnect your internet connection before input the key. 

Download ASC 7.3 

City Island 2.20.0 APK

City Island APK

Published by Sparkling Society, City Island is one of the best simulation game for android. Your mission is expanding and build houses for your citizens, decorations and community buildings to make them happy, explore the beach, and create jobs so you can earn money and gold from your happy citizens.

The interface is smooth and the graphics are good. The gameplay is simple but so addicting even if you only have about 3 minutes to spare it will make you happy. You can pretty much do whatever you want with your city. Build it the way you want to. Discover and expand your island, town and beach life in a virtual world full of quests where you have the power to build a business empire with a choice of 85+ unique buildings, like restaurants, hotels, offices, cinema's, bakeries and even oil platforms on your paradise island.

You make your own city, getting to collect money on the city island is just buzzard and fabulously fun and cool getting to make a city as big as you would like is amazing. Spend as much time as you want on this game. For a fun and boring evening night or even morning, you will enjoy this game, and a helpful hint do not spend all of your money at once or gold. Good if you like tycoon or SIM city style games.

Download City Island APK
- Requires: Android 2.3+
- File Name: 37MB (City Island 2.20.0.apk)

City Island APK

Android Wear Task Manager – See the list of Running apps on your Watch

Check this out, another Task Manager for your Android Wear watch, simply called “Android Wear Task Manager” the app will simply shows the running app on your Android Wear watch, by running the app “Task Manager” or activate it by voice command, “Start Task Manager” it will show the latest open running processes on your watch, you will have the option to whether close it or run let it run, if you want to close the app just select the app and that’s it.

It’s a great tool if your want to free some memory from your Android Wear watch or you want to save some resources on your Android Wear smartwatch.

So check it out its free!

Name: Android Wear Task Manager
Developer: Rocket StartUps
Website: Google+


Android Wear Task Manager can  list all running processes on your watch and it can help you to stop any of the tasks easily and quickly. Download this helper now for free.

Head Soccer 3.0.1 APK

Head Soccer APK

Published by D&D Dream, Head Soccer is one of the best football game for kids, with only head and foot player. And now this game jut got update to v3.0.1 with few bug fixed. A great game with great graphics these game truly rocks! Head Soccer is a game which is only allowed to take shoots by head, it has many special header shoots which look truly entertaining.

With simple gameplay and great physics, Head Soccer is easy to pick up and fun to play. A soccer game with easy controls that everyone can learn in 1 second. You have to beat an opponent with fancy lethal shots such as ice shoot, dragon shoot and lightening shoot and win the tournament. You can also matchup with friends or global users through the game center.

Previous versions of Head Soccer

When you go on head cup you have to choose a character and when it lets you know if you want to play for sure move the arrow to pick any character and play with them. Play this fun soccer game anytime, anywhere. Once you start playing you can't stop, you can't put it down.

Download Head Soccer APK
- Requires: Android 2.2+
- File Name: 48MB (Head Soccer 3.0.1.apk)

Head Soccer APK
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