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How to Make Aperture Work as Normal With Lens Reverse Technique

Novoflex Reverse Lens Adapter
50mm f/1.8 reversed on a Canon 5dMKII @ f/11

In the previous posts we have explored ways to achieve extreme magnifications using ordinary lenses. However one major hurdle was aperture control. You need to either lock aperture beforehand (which makes viewfinder darker) or stop down manually (for lenses with aperture ring) once focus is attained (again very difficult as you could easily move the camera a tiny bit and lose focus while attempting to set aperture).

However for Canon shooters there is one alternative available The EOS-RETRO Reverse Adapter for Canon EOS from Novoflex. Novoflex Reverse Lens Adapter

Novoflex Reverse Lens Adapter
Novoflex Reverse Lens Adapter

It consists of two adapters one is attached to the EF mount side of the reversed lens and the other fits into the filter ring (which also has a EF mount) both mounts are connected via cable and thus it ensures full control of the reversed lens.

You could shoot with a reversed lens just as you would shoot with a lens mounted normally. The aperture will remain fully open for easy focusing and will stop down to the set aperture only when the shutter is released (just as normal). Thus you have the best of both worlds a bright viewfinder and the depth of field obtained by a narrow aperture even with a lens mounted in reverse.

There is one more application for this adapter it could be used even with a bellows and thus makes it possible without specialized macro or bellows lenses.

Some facts about the EOS-RETRO Reverse Adapter for Canon EOS from Novoflex.

  1. Fits all Canon EOS bodies.
  2. Can also be used with a bellows for even higher magnifications.
  3. Does not require use of specialised macro or bellows lenses.
  4. Adaptor is supplied with 58mm thread which can be converted to different lens sizes by means of optional stepping rings.

One major advantage of this adapter is that it makes using any lens even wide angle zoom lenses possible thus it allows you a wider range than possible with a macro lens.

For example.

If you reverse mount a 28-105mm it will give a range of magnifications from 1:7 at the 105mm end to 2.8:1 at the 28mm end; which is much more flexible than a typical macro lens. No prime macro lens is capable of matching this range; and because a lens is computed to work best at infinity, reversing it means that it gives superb quality at high magnifications.

Is Novoflex Reverse Lens Adapter a good choice for me?

Well it sure does make lens reverse work a lot easier and offers more flexibility and range in choice of lenses and magnifications. However there is one factor which is to be considered before deciding whether it is for you or not the PRICE.  At a little over $500 this reverse lens adapter doesn’t come cheap. A lens with a manual aperture control and a simple $10 reverse ring could get the job done too. For those of you who don’t mind the cost it’s one useful piece of equipment for extreme macro photography and for those who like to do things yourselves we will discuss a very cost effective DIY technique for achieving similar results in the next tutorial.

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