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What is Emulator and Various Emulator

What is an emulator? Emulator or rather software emulator / emulator software is a computer program that allows to run a program (can be emulsified program from computer to computer for example, a Windows program that can be run on the Linux operating system using the Wine emulator software) in accordance with the original program on the computer. Examples emulator games, console games like Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation and can be run on a computer by installing the emulator itself alone (Nintendo emulators only for Nintendo games).

Actually, the goal is the creation of a software emulator for running software that is only available for certain platforms. And the goal is the creation of emulator games for gamers who want to reminisce with games or console games that are now no longer manufactured.

What is Emulator and Various Emulator

Computer game emulator allows to work in accordance with the emulsified system hardware. But the emulator is useless if not supported by the latest title. Games of this game is called ROM or Disk Image is a copy of the game results in a game cartridge or diskette format the system in question.

By using emulator we can play our favorite classic games like Mario Bross first, Contra, and Sonic the Hedgehog on our computers. Actually the concept Emulator is a process to mimic the internal design of a system. Today was a lot Emulator emulators are spread on the internet from emulator game, until the emulator Java Applications.

Various Emulator

Emulators Operating Systems


This type of emulator can run an operating system on top of another operating system or call the Guest OS and Host OS. An example for this type of emulator that Sun Virtualbox, VMware, Xen, QEMU, and others.

Emulator Game Console


Emulator can play a game of this type that is specifically made for the console and run certain games on the PC. The types of emulators is following types imitated gaming console or in other words the types of emulators are very specific. Examples of this game console emulator is ZSNES to run the Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, PSX-Fin to run games Sony Playstation One, and others.

Cell Phone Emulator


Emulator of this type typically used in the manufacture of mobile applications for the melaku-debugging. Just like a real cell phone, this emulator has the kind of brand that will be targeted platforms for mobile applications, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and others. Of course, apart from the default emulator from the phone app maker tool. There are many tools that can be used for the manufacture of mobile phone applications, namely Sun Java Micro Edition (formerly known as the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit) for Java-based phones, Qt for Nokia phones, and others.

Emulator Program Application


This type of emulator can run application programs for a particular operating system on other operating systems. For example, when running the application program that was originally intended specifically for the Windows operating system on the operating system GNU / Linux. Famous example of this type of emulator is Wine, CrossOver and Cedega.

Graphics Card Emulator


This type of emulator can emulate the graphics card on the PC. This application is very useful to play the games medium level graphics. An example for this type of emulator that 3D Analyzer.

Apart from the above five types of emulators, it is possible there are many types of emulators are circulating in the world. Emulator-emulator but not created simply because of the kinds of reasons. These reasons, among others:
  • Gamers want to reminisce in running games console or the old school where the operating system is no longer manufactured today.
  • Running software that is made only for certain platforms.
  • Checking programs created by the different platforms to run on other platforms.
If you ever wondered What is Emulator and Various Emulator? Perhaps the above article can be quite a bit to answer.
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