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Frozen Animation Movie Review

Frozen Animation Movie Review - Now, I want to share about the movie that I think is cool. Who among you who have watched the animated movie "Frozen"? The film is adapted from the classic works of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen". "Frozen" was released in November 2013. It has been a long time indeed ... But, I just watched a week ago, hehehe .. Okay! Now it's time to listen the story or Frozen Animation Movie Review.

I think it is enough to study the intro, now I will try to review about this movie. As reported in Frozen movie is a 3D animated film in 2013 American musical genre-fantasy-comedy. The film was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Picture. The film also includes the movie box office. No wonder my opinion anyway because the animation is great, the plot is interesting and not boring because the insertion of comedy, especially the music and the song is also nice and pleasant to hear.

Frozen Animation Movie Review

Frozen Animation Movie Review

This film tells the story of Princess Elsa who has the power cryokinetic, where he was able to make the ice and snow as he wishes. Once when he was playing with his sister, Princess Anna, Princess Elsa accidentally injure his sister with her ​​powers. Then both parents carry the Princess Anna to the Troll King and Princess Anna removed his memory of the incident. The Troll Princess Elsa suggested that learning to control her powers. Princess Elsa was isolated in a room. For many years he lived alone in the isolation room. In fact he did not want to meet with her ​​sister because of her concerns that her sister would be hurt again.

Until the handover ceremony held at the Palace of power to the Princess Elsa. Princess Anna were previously allowed outside the palace after so long languished in the palace felt so free and happy until he met with Prince Hans and they are a very close relationship in the same day. On the day of their first meeting, Prince Hans directly applying Princess Anna who is hungry for affection, and feel that Prince Hans is her true love. When the dance party after the party finished coronation, Princess Anna met His sister, Princess Elsa and asked for consent to be married to Prince Hans same day. Princess Elsa disagree, but a stay of the Princess Anna and Princess Elsa force for blessing. Princess Anna felt the marriage he will be out of loneliness during this time. Until Princess Elsa angry and difficult to control his emotions so that the issue of uncontrolled powers.

Princess Elsa fled the palace, all the people who witnessed the incident fears. Princess Elsa without realizing the whole country has been making frozen and snowy. In his escape Princess Elsa went to the mountain and make your own palace with his strength. The palace is entirely made ​​of ice, very beautiful. There he was able to be themselves without fear of hurting anyone. On the other hand Princess Anna of guilt has made it all happen, trying to find the Princess Elsa. He went to the mountain alone just to horse. But on the way his horse ran away because of fear due to the snow that fell from the trees. Princess Anna was still on his journey, he stopped at a store to buy replacement clothes frozen clothes she wears. While in the store she met the man Kristoff ice with reindeer Sven. Princess Anna tried to persuade Kristoff to guide it towards the North Mountain. Originally Kristoff did not want to but Princess Anna persuaded to buy supply needs that can not he buy at the store.

Princess Anna finally found a place to be Princess Elsa, Elsa Princess Princess Anna persuaded to return to the Palace, but Princess Elsa remained at the establishment. He even expel Princess Anna to stay away from him. Because of his fear of hurting Her sister's back. But Princess Anna still trying hard to persuade the older brother. Emotions Princess Elsa back uncontrollably and he accidentally re-injuring his brother. Princess Elsa created a monster ice to drive them. They run from the ice palace belonging to Princess Elsa, Kristoff who viewed Princess Anna graying hair took him to the Troll, the parents who adopted him. Troll Princess Anna explained that the heart has been frozen and he will soon die. One who can save her is a kiss from someone who really love aka true love. Kristoff Princess Anna was immediately brought to the palace to meet with Prince Hans that he thought it was true love Princess Anna.

Meanwhile, the ice palace belonged to Princess Elsa surrounded by soldiers Princess Hans. He managed to bring the Princess Elsa, after saying that Princess Anna were wounded himself so that when the Princess Elsa negligent one soldier Prince Hans release the dart but missed and hit the chandelier that ultimately falls on the Princess Elsa. Princess Elsa Prince Hans brought unconscious to the palace and locked and chained his hands. With Princess Elsa strength back already aware freeze iron handcuffs and then fled back. Princess Anna, who had arrived at the palace to see Prince Hans and asked him to kiss her soon to be able to save himself. But Prince Hans makes a shocking confession. He said that he does not really love him. She approached Princess Anna due only to take power, because he felt thirsty Princess Anna affection more easily approachable than the Princess Elsa. Prince Hans left the Princess Anna is getting weaker and saying that Princess Anna had died.

Olaf, who accompanied the trip snowman Princess Anna and Princess Anna Kristoff find and ask what is really going on. Princess Anna explained everything that had happened and Olaf says that Kristoff actually loved Princess Anna. Princess Anna regained its strength due to the words being said Olaf. He tried to meet Kristoff who had delivered it to the Palace. Kristoff who initially had gone after Princess Anna drove back to the palace because it was worried about the situation.

Finally on the way they met, when they were almost close. They saw the Princess Elsa who slumped after hearing the words of Prince Hans who said that the Princess Anna had died as a result of his actions will be pierced by the sword of Prince Hans. Princess Anna in a weakened state ran to save his brother. While the body of the sword swung Princess Anna, Princess Anna freezes and swords were also destroyed. Princess Princess Anna Elsa hugged weeping. But with the power of love sister Princess Anna back to normal. Not only Princess Anna is back to normal around the country also returned to normal and the Princess Elsa finally able to control her powers with the love of his sister. Prince Hans and his family were arrested. Happy Ending Story :)

The film is very interesting, also contained a message so meaningful. A journey to find true love. This may be one of my favorite animation movie for now.

Okay, it is a short review of the Frozen Animation Movie Review. To find other interesting news related to the Frozen movie, you can go on the menu below.

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