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Framing Your Shots

Arranging elements in the foreground so as to form a frame around your main subject is a good technique to draw the attention of the viewers directly to the main subject. Frames relate to perception and helps add the missing third dimension to your photos.

Framing could be achieved using objects found around your main subject. Doorways, arches, branches, flowers and even people make interesting framing elements. A frame need not cover all four sides of the subject it could just be on one or two sides of the subject and still be effective.

Benefits of Framing your picture

1. Draw Attention to your Main Subject

Framing helps draw the viewer’s attention directly to the main subject. Frames have the effect of pulling the viewers through them leading through to the subject. The dimension of distance from the frame to the subject is easily noticed by the viewer’s subconscious mind.

photography composition tips
Photo By Abulic Monkey

2. Giving images Context

Elements with which you frame your subject could tell a lot about the place and surroundings in which the picture is shot there by giving your images context.

photography composition using frames
Photo By Babasteve

3. Adding a sense of Depth

Framing adds the sense of depth to pictures. You have placed the frame in the foreground and the main subject in the background and the viewers eyes are sort of drawn in through the frame on to the main subject there by making them realize the distance in between and thus creating a sense of depth.

using frames for composition in photography
Photo By Chez Cazver

4. Gives a Formal look to your picture

It is human nature to want control over all elements. Irregularity and chaos could be very disturbing to watch, a sense of uneasiness creep in. By framing the shot you actually impose a measure of control on the scene. Define the borders; introduce a sense of stability and rigidity. There by satisfying the viewers subconscious mind’s desire to see things well defined, under control.

composition tips for photography
Photo By Algo

Things to keep in mind while framing your shots

Do not add a frame to your picture just because you feel so. Do it only if the frame actually complements the subject. Remember that although framing is an effective technique in photography you should use it discreetly. Not every element can make a complimenting frame. So ask yourselves that whether the frame adds visual value to your picture or not, if the answer is yes go ahead and if the answer is no then… well…… You could also experiment with your aperture settings to decide how much of the frame you would like to be in focus. A blurred frame could actually be very interesting too

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